5 Aspects of the Goddess Self
Metaphysics / August 31, 2015

Religion,Philosophy,Science…What does it all matter if you don’t get back in tune with your goddess self. A lot of people get caught up in the word goddess or god but from my perspective it merely means aligning with your true nature and essence which is godlike and or of a god quality. However you want to put it the idea still remains we are a creation that has creative abilities. Tapping into and cultivation of your nature is imperative in order to reach your full potential. I am a firm believer that all you need is with you at the moment of birth. All the information you need is literally in you already. Just little packets of DNA just waiting to go off and awaken you to YOU. That seems very ironic in and of itself but this is the realization that I have come to after following may ideologies and seeing the fallacy in them. I realized that no one knows whats better for me but me. I only have to get out of my own way and feel and listen to my own messages. Then as you hear her quiet voice becoming you to become what you already…

Is Initiation Necessary? The Pros and Cons
Metaphysics / August 30, 2015

Pros and Cons of Initiation in Traditional Religions The Ancient Diety Bastet came to me in a dream many  years ago. I headed her message and drew from the energy she bestowed upon me. I give her reverence and I know that I am of her blood line. In my desire to give reverence to the new information I received on Bastet I created a site. The new site I created on myspace some time ago was a great outlet to express my new goddess energies. It was here where I was approached by a guy who insisted I get initiated into an ancient african religion. He proceeded to tell me how I need to marry Bes and do certain rituals. I have to admit he did spark my interest. But somehow I just feel manipulated. I spoke off an on with him online for a short while on myspace until one day he asked did I do a ritual on halloween, I said yes. He proceeded to tell me if it wasn’t a blood ritual it wasn’t a real ritual. My spirit immediately know he was full of SH***! Excuse my French. Shortly after a sister whom I am still…

7 Tips for Empath Survival
Metaphysics / August 30, 2015

    Today I am speaking on the introverted Goddess or the Empathic Goddess. The reality of it is no matter your astrology predisposed disposition you need to learn to set your boundaries and create the life you want. In order to create the life you want you need to understand you introverted self and what she needs. 7 Keys to Introvert or Empath Survival 1- Plan Ahead – make sure you leave yourself enough time to start new tasks or events. 2-Use Caller ID- screen calls to avoid being overwhelmed with information…check your messages and get back at a convient timely fashion 3- Write Check Lists- What To-Do Check list to give yourself perspective on what you need to do. Make it a point to get at least 3 things done or more. 4- Access Energy Level- Rate your energy level from 1-10 1 being very low and 10 being active happy and social 5- Increase Energetic Activities- Schedule activities that you enjoy 6- Schedule Downtime- Find little moments to reset your mind or relax for 30 min – 1 hour does wonders 7- Delay Requests- Don’t immediately say yes or no to requests. Give yourself time to see…

7 Common Road Blocks To Conscious Elevation
Metaphysics / August 30, 2015

1-Goddess/God Complex:Pride- getting completly wrapped up in being a goddess/god and forgetting about the other half 2-Angry Woman/ Man Syndrome:Anger- too busy angry at life and what everyone is or is not doing to see their own faults 3-Holier Than Thou Fanatic:Pride- this is the holy rolling Religious Fanatic or could be a Conscious person that is extremely fanatical and looks down on others 4-Fear of Failure :Fear- wanting to succeed but too afraid of failing so this person never tries therefore they never learn from their mistakes 5-Fear of Success:Fear- wanting to succeed but really afraid of what changes must take place to be Successful 6- Reversed Racisim,Sexism, and Classism : Hate- this is feeling so victimized that when empowered (if not empowered just criticizes) this individual then becomes the oppressor whether it be race vs race….sex vs sex….or ….rich vs poor 7- Victim Syndrome: Sadness or Depression- this individual refuses to acknowledge that they are causing their problems and continues to see the external world as the problem -Takayu

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