Is the Pentagram Evil?
Metaphysics / September 1, 2015

  The pentagram is a symbol of Goddess and underground womb. Penta=5 green pentacle Female Energy, which is represented in the physical plan as centripetal forces: meaning forces that pull.I Pulling energy Vagina goes inward Attract desires In contrast Male Energy is represented in the physical plan as centrifugal forces: meaning forces that push: go outward. The God symbol would be the Six-pointed star. Pushing energy Penis goes out Acts on Desires Purpose- The purpose of the pentagram in its upright position is to attract certain energies to you. It increases the creation powers in females and adds a feminine aspect to males who wish to utilize centripetal forces. Being that certain mysteries or her stories have been hidden from us the pentagram has developed a negative connotation especially when inverted it is associated with devil worship and the likes. However, the pentagram is an ancient symbol of the goddess and her ability to pull in and utilize the energy of her surrounds. For More Takayu on YouTube Click Below:

6 Types of Goddess Energy
Metaphysics / September 1, 2015

  At some time in your childhood one or more of theses goddess energies emerged only to be suppressed because her energies are way too powerful to control so it is feared and denied by a patriarchal society which often times demonizes her. The only aspect of the goddess that is encouraged is the Mother goddess through the domestic woman and the Sex Goddess thru the media and entertainment. We possess aspects of all to some degree however, we do lean more in one or two more heavily. If you notice all Goddess Aspects have an underlying aspect of healing and brings about some form of nurture to an individual or a group. Believe it or not you can morph yourself into multiple energies as myself being a Number 22 in numerology I found it difficult to live out my life purpose in just one aspect so I created a goddess for each different hat I wore. Mother Goddess-This is the energy that mothers everything it comes in contact with. She nurtures by nature and loves to help others to feel wanted. This is the woman that feeds every child in the neighborhood and always lends an ear to the…

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