6 Types of Goddess Energy

September 1, 2015


Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 2.14.47 AMAt some time in your childhood one or more of theses goddess energies emerged only to be suppressed because her energies are way too powerful to control so it is feared and denied by a patriarchal society which often times demonizes her. The only aspect of the goddess that is encouraged is the Mother goddess through the domestic woman and the Sex Goddess thru the media and entertainment. We possess aspects of all to some degree however, we do lean more in one or two more heavily. If you notice all Goddess Aspects have an underlying aspect of healing and brings about some form of nurture to an individual or a group. Believe it or not you can morph yourself into multiple energies as myself being a Number 22 in numerology I found it difficult to live out my life purpose in just one aspect so I created a goddess for each different hat I wore.

Mother Goddess-This is the energy that mothers everything it comes in contact with. She nurtures by nature and loves to help others to feel wanted. This is the woman that feeds every child in the neighborhood and always lends an ear to the troubled.

Positive Aspects: heals other thru nurturing

Negative Aspects: May neglect self in the process of helping others.

Sex Goddess-This is the energy of the woman who uses her sexual energy to get what she wants or to heal thru sex she is a master of creating physical pleasure. She possess a natural pulling energy and spends a great deal of time perfecting her physical looks.This is your dominatrix, models, dancers, and exhibitionists. note: you don’t have to be the best at sex to be a sex goddess it is about the energy that you give out and the illusion you create.

Positive Aspects: heals others male or female thru sexual energy.

Negative Aspects: May become over indulgent in sex and consumed by its desires.


Bitch Goddess-This is the woman who gets what she wants by any means necessary. She has an aggressive approach to life and a take no prisoners attitude in her dealings. This is usually the business women and those who forge careers or utilize their counterparts to provide for them to their standards.

Positive Aspects: heals Empires and Nations as she builds them and stabilizes their strengths

Negative Aspects: May neglect the needs of those who love her causing her to have poor close relationships.


Sister Goddess–This is the woman who doesn’t have children of her own but nurtures other. She is usually single or marries late in life. She is very similar to the mother goddess except she nurtures her friendships more then children. This is your average woman who takes the time to organize her life to a perfect balance with self and keeps friendships close as her life support units. She is the shoulder you cry on.

Positive Aspects: nurtures and heals her friendship unions

Negative Aspects: May neglect her need to reproduce or build a healthy male/female relationship.


Priestess Goddess- This is the woman who intuitively works with the elements and energy and feels a sense of balance when practicing and learning her craft. This is your energy workers, herbalist’s, wiccan, kemetic priestess, witches etc.

Positive Aspects: heals thru work with energy and the elements.

Negative Aspects: May become overwhelmed with negative energy if not properly grounded. Must constantly cleanse energy field.


Warrior Goddess- This is the woman who naturally has control of her physical body in sports and physical activities or she mastered her nature of feminine and masculine principals to create her desired outcome. She would be your athletes, and masculine lesbians.

Positive Aspects: nurtures both masculine and feminine principals:Androgynous balancement.

Negative Aspects: May be too aggressive and have trouble being feminine.


In conclusion don’t take this as law but a guideline to identify your goddess energy, you can be all of one, your can consciously pick and choose but ultimately express your natural goddess self.



Note: These are just a loose categorization based on my observations and personal ideas

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