Are you a Goddess or Egotists?
Metaphysics / September 3, 2015

Wounded Goddesshood: Are you a Goddess or Egotists? Goddess,Queen,Mother Earth, Primordial Mother and many more terms like these are on the rise in the new age of the waking Goddess. However, are they really necessary? As I browse the world wide web the influx of Goddess Names is eerie and quite frightening,especially when you speak to some of the owners of the high end etherial deity like names and find a common person behind their Emerald City Gate. If we are infinite consciousness then why not just be or just do. Why is there such a need to ride on an Ego trip? It reminds me of the statement “real bad boys move in silence” Clearly if you don’t get that statement you will probably get lost in this paragraph. If someone has to constantly express themselves or represent themselves as a Goddess or Queen or other such names this implies to me either a sense of over compensation for a deflated ego, an actual inflated ego, or an unfulfilled sense of self that yearns for glory and self actualization. Overcompensating Goddess= wounded + knowledge We all know her, you can’t get in a word edgewise, just as soon as…

Quiz: Uh Oh! Am I a Witch?
Metaphysics / September 3, 2015

Uh Oh I Think I am a Witch! : 10 Sure Ways to Know if You are a Witch Do you you find yourself being obsessively drawn to loose herbs and crystals? Do you get excited about old used jars and thrift shops? Well you just may be a natural born Witch. No not an imaginary old white woman with a crooked nose flying on a broom but a wise women reborn of the bloodline of wise old soul…a shaman..a oracle…soothsayer..and I can go on but nonetheless a powerful woman sitting on her Magick. If you answer yes to the majority of these questions, it is time to come out of your broom closets!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~10 Sure Ways to Know if You are a Witch~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~QUIZ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1- Do you seek meaning in some of the most mundane details? (Ex:this is the second or third time I have seen that bird let me look up its meaning,it must be a message.) 2- Do you love plants,collect herbs,or fantasize about being a Master Herbalists? 3- Do you get excited about going to thrift shops or yard sales because you are amazed about what you can find there? 4- Do you have…

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