Quiz: Uh Oh! Am I a Witch?

September 3, 2015

Uh Oh I Think I am a Witch! : 10 Sure Ways to Know if You are a Witch

Do you you find yourself being obsessively drawn to loose herbs and crystals? Do you get excited about old used jars and thrift shops? Well you just may be a natural born Witch. No not an imaginary old white woman with a crooked nose flying on a broom but a wise women reborn of the bloodline of wise women..an old soul…a shaman..a oracle…soothsayer..and I can go on but nonetheless a powerful woman sitting on her Magick. If you answer yes to the majority of these questions, it is time to come out of your broom closets!!


~10 Sure Ways to Know if You are a Witch~


1- Do you seek meaning in some of the most mundane details? (Ex:this is the second or third time I have seen that bird let me look up its meaning,it must be a message.)

2- Do you love plants,collect herbs,or fantasize about being a Master Herbalists?

3- Do you get excited about going to thrift shops or yard sales because you are amazed about what you can find there?

4- Do you have prophetic dreams? (frequently or occasionally)

5- Do you often times feel different from most other people?

6- Do you just love arts and crafts and making things?

7- Do you find yourself constantly observing the positions of the moon?

8- Do you get excited when you see divination tools.(Tarot Cards,Runes,Pendulums,Crystal Balls etc)

9- Do you read astrology to help you analyze things in your life.

10- Do you find meaning in numbers:Numerology

BONUS: Sometimes I just know things without any logical explaination: Claircognizent
If you answered yes to 1-3—>you are a specific practioner but not a full blooded Witch.(ex. an astrologer, white lighter or holistic practioner)

If you answer yes to 4-6—>you are just waking up to your full powers but haven’t accepted both sides. (Dark and Light goddess)

If you answer yes to 7 or more—>Your Dark and Light Goddess are awake


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