Do African American Women have the ability to Reclaim Their Birth Right?
Metaphysics / October 11, 2015

On the brink of the 21st Century there is a new awareness in black woman. Or should I say an old awareness that is once again emerging to the surface. She is getting and has been receiving ancient urges, messages and cues from her ancient ancestral mothers. She is the remnants of an old ancient matriarchy that was stolen, lost and buried deep…real real deep. So deep that it is almost like a figment of her imagination. Actually all of creation is a figment of her imagination isn’t it? You be the judge as you read ” The Sibyls” The First Prophetess’ of Mami (Wata) by Mama Zogbe, in this inspirationally, captivating and eye opening historical account of how the African American woman”s ancient herstory has been burried. So does she have the ability to claim her birth right?   Recap of Takayu Temple Book Club 2 Session 1 6/4/15 @ 9pm EST Takayu : Spiritual experiences or research how have you discovered your matriarchal blood ties? Recap of Answers: Most women have had an urging since a young age but couldn’t quite put their fingers on their, dreams ,visions, strong sexual urges, or just a gut feeling that there…

Who Controls Your Money Energy?
SMS Updates / October 5, 2015

  Hey Sacred Sisters…Its past time to regroup and come together spiritually and economically…I have been listening to Powernomics by Dr Claud Anderson and it is disturbing me how we give away our money and are making other races richer off of our energy. Basically every other race of people has benefited from our energy and talents…We are victims of energy vampirism. So I have a few ideas on how we can take a few steps in the right direction of gaining back some control of our money. Join the Group Metaphysics & Money to see how. SACRED METAPHYSICAL SISTERS Sacred Metaphysical Sisters is a safe haven to rebirth your ancient magick. We have been an online presence since 2007.The vision of SMS is based on realigning our feminine goddess energy with divine purpose. We do this by re-awaking the sleeping goddess within and utilizing her powerful energy for conscious elevation. I am happy you chose to become part of this dynamic sacred sisterhood online sorority. Sisterlove2u -Takayu Scribe of the Sacred Phoenix

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