Do African American Women have the ability to Reclaim Their Birth Right?

October 11, 2015

On the brink of the 21st Century there is a new awareness in black woman. Or should I say an old awareness that is once again emerging to the surface. She is getting and has been receiving ancient urges, messages and cues from her ancient ancestral mothers. She is the remnants of an old ancient matriarchy that was stolen, lost and buried deep…real real deep. So deep that it is almost like a figment of her imagination. Actually all of creation is a figment of her imagination isn’t it? You be the judge as you read ” The Sibyls” The First Prophetess’ of Mami (Wata) by Mama Zogbe, in this inspirationally, captivating and eye opening historical account of how the African American woman”s ancient herstory has been burried. So does she have the ability to claim her birth right?



Recap of Takayu Temple Book Club 2 Session 1 6/4/15 @ 9pm EST

Takayu :

Spiritual experiences or research how have you discovered your matriarchal blood ties?

Recap of Answers:

Most women have had an urging since a young age but couldn’t quite put their fingers on their, dreams ,visions, strong sexual urges, or just a gut feeling that there was more to it all. In observation these urges led them to seek out answers and led them to syncronicites that would reveal their blood line to her ancient mothers.


According to Mami Zogbe African American women are the only women born free…we were not born into patriarchy…Feminisim is not our way? do you agree or disagree?

Recap of Answers:

We all had a strong agreement that by the most part we felt a sense of freedom in general, however, there were some differences on the feelings of “Feminism” amongst the women, respectful differences at that. Noted that the major difference I observed was in women 50 and above had more of a connection with and an association with being a feminist. While their 50 and younger counter part found the term to be either too sticky to associate with our just a mild indifference based on not having a strong historical value in their generation.

Do African American Women have the ability to Reclaim Their Birth Right?

This is a question that is not quite answered yet. There are many wakening and reclaiming but as a whole on a larger scale we still have yet to see. What do you think?

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