Star Anise Magick

February 14, 2017

Greetings Sacred Sisters!
Star Anise Is The Magick Herb Of Today. This Herb Is Native To NE Vietnam, India And SW China. It Is A Medium Size Evergreen Tree. The Fruit Is The Part That Is Used And It Looks Like A Star. The Extracted Oil Has Anti-Bacterial Properties. (Not To Be Confused With Anise)


Native to NE Vietnam,Idia and SW China
Medium size Evergreen Tree
Part used is the fruit that is shaped like a star
Extracted Oil has antibacterial properties
Diuretic & Digestive Properties
Used for gas, indigestion and colic
Dream Recall
Psychic Visions
Takayu Tip:
Place under pillow to enhance psychic dreams
Burn to increase intuitive visions

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