3 Ways Wise Woman Can Combat The Lonely Road

May 15, 2017

Bored Young Woman Stirring Coffee — Image by ¬© Vincent Mo/zefa/Corbis


Greetings Sacred Sisters,

I had a heart breaking experience today. I had to make the decision to block my cousin. We were not extremely close but I was trying to build a family bond, because she recently came back into my life. However upon realizing she just came around because she needed money and help was very heartbreaking. I don’t have much family left that I connect with and neither does she, so I thought we could hang tight as family. Boy was I wrong. I even discovered she is a Covert Narcissist which I absolutely can’t deal with because my mom is already a Narcissists and this brings back so much childhood trauma. So today was the last day we spoke and I blocked her number.
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I felt bad at first but I realized the path of the Wise Woman can become lonely because your energy is meant to be sacred and protected. The more you evolve the less patience with fuckery you can tolerate. Here are 3 ways to combat the lonely days.

  1. Keep in contact with those family and friends who uplift you and bring good vibes
  2. Share your time helping people who actually need and appreciate your time
  3. Find new ventures and new friends via groups and meet ups with people who share you values and hobbies


Remember your are Sacred so always treat yourself as such. Don’t allow negative energy beings, family or not, to bring you down.


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