Waning Moon Releasing Spell
Metaphysics / August 19, 2017

The moon is still waning and a great time to release all that burdens your. (Can be used before any New Moon) What do I need? A Piece of Paper A Pencil or Pen 24hr glass white candle alter or table made sacred & cauldron What do I do? Cleanse the area with sage or frank and myrrh place the candle on the table next to the caldroun visualize all the things that burden you and all the things that hold you backwrite them on the paper Take a deep breath and light the paper placing it in the caldron to burn Allow it to burn completely adding a little more fire if needed with an incense stick Meditate on the release of the negative energy with the smoke (do outside or open windows) Recite the below Spell When the Smoke clears light your candle and let burn till New Moon Recite the below Spell as needed Notes: your can anoint the candle before hand with oils see book above make sure to use fire precaustions bury the ashes outside and recite again when complete    

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