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August 30, 2015


Welcome to Sacred Metaphysical Sisters!

This is an outlet for Metaphysical Sisters to speak vibe and uplift their consciousness. It is time to up lift out of this 3D reality. Take the pill and liberate your mind. This forum is not for the faint of heart. So if you are looking for the pie in the sky… please keep on moving We are the Goddesses that this world seeks..aren’t we? What are you afraid of? Is the world that you have known real or is it all Illusion? What box do you comfortably fit in? I have seen my box and I am getting out. We are not promoting one specific way of living because All is us and We are All, However we utilize several disciplines to aid us in metamorphosis. The reason for this is because we are in a new age and it is “NOW” time again to “KNOW” What you have forgotten which is that you are the Goddesses that this world awaits !


What is Sacred Metaphysics?
Sacred Metaphysics is a new age terminology for a way of living in the New Paradigm. It is a self-defined way of being for all who wish to think out of the box of traditions and who wish to recreate themselves and their present reality. It is for the unorthodox thinker that questions the parameters of thought and reality. It is Sacred because it is your own. Sacred is something or someone worthy of, or regarded with reverence, awe, or respect according to www.thefreedictionary.com. What is Sacred for you may not be Sacred for me, therefore it is a system designed with the solo metaphysician in mind. This system is based on the Ancient Phoenix via Elemental Magick, Metaphysics of Mind Power and Black Business Building. Sacred Metaphysics inspires you to be challenged to go beyond this reality, to create and be the architect of your “OWN”reality; LIKE THE PHOENIX…BE REBORN FROM YOUR OWN ASHES.

Meta =Beyond
Physics = Physical
Sacred= Of High Value
Metaphysics=Beyond the Physical or what cannot be explained by physical means.
Sacred Metaphysician= An individual of high regard that practices sciences beyond the physical.

Beautiful Egyptian Papyrus

Ancient Egyptian Sisterhood

Why do we need a global black metaphysical sisterhood?

In our earthly journey it is inevitable that we seek like minds in order to gain a balance in our daily lives. Our modernized, culture lacks the continuity of practice, to enable the BLACK WOMAN to develop her inner self, therefore she remains unbalanced. It also lacks the provisions to make available the tools and support to cultivate her essence. Sacred Metaphysics is that tool.
A Sacred Metaphysician taps into all four elements (water, air, earth, and fire) to aid in metamorphosis. The element of water is the first aspect of the four cycles of the Phoenix; this cycle will teach you to be able to take on any form, shape or size by tapping into your water goddess energy. We may identify with one or two elements but we all have the ability to tap into or call on the four elements to assist us with our earthly struggles. Come back to her B.O.S.M, Book of Sacred Metaphysics. The bosom of the goddess is where you will find, the ability to allow life like water, flow and detach from expectations like air, feel gratitude and stability of the earth, and create your purpose with the passion of fire.



What do we Value?

We value sisterhood with a scientific approach to learning and healing ourselves,environment and families. We value youth and years to the same degree while fostering a comfortable environment  to facilitate growth by a natural means of trial and error, exploration and sisterly sharing of experience and information. We value each individuals input, intuition and experience.


Sacred Metaphysical Sisters – is our online presence to connect worldwide with other sacred sisters.

Sisters of the Phoenix– is an actual Global Coven of Sisters who will meet once every season. More Coming Soon….


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