Star Anise Magick
Herbal Magick / February 14, 2017

Greetings Sacred Sisters! Star Anise Is The Magick Herb Of Today. This Herb Is Native To NE Vietnam, India And SW China. It Is A Medium Size Evergreen Tree. The Fruit Is The Part That Is Used And It Looks Like A Star. The Extracted Oil Has Anti-Bacterial Properties. (Not To Be Confused With Anise)   Facts: Native to NE Vietnam,Idia and SW China Medium size Evergreen Tree Part used is the fruit that is shaped like a star Extracted Oil has antibacterial properties Medicinal: Diuretic & Digestive Properties Used for gas, indigestion and colic Metaphysical: Dream Recall Psychic Visions Takayu Tip: Place under pillow to enhance psychic dreams Burn to increase intuitive visions

MugWort Magick
Herbal Magick / January 27, 2017

Greetings Sacred Sisters, Today’s Herbal Magick tip deals with Mugwort. Mugwort is an herb common to Asian Medicinal Medicine. “Mugwort” doesn’t it sound like something off of a Harry Potter Movie. LOL It is a mild digestive herb that aids in increasing appetite and nutrient absorption. Need a little support or boost in your dreams or psychic work…Try making a Sashet of Mugwort and Star Anise to enliven your higher senses.   Few Facts: Asian Herbal Medicine The leaves are the part used Mugwort is a bushy shrub   Medicinal: Mild Digestive Herb Increases Appetite Supports Nutrient Absorption Metaphysical: Psychic Powers Increase Dream Recall Astral Projection   Consult your health care provider before trying home remedies. Handle your metaphysical practice with care.  

Catnip Magick
Herbal Magick / January 17, 2016

Greetings Sacred Sisters! Today’s Herbal Magick Topic is Catnip. Puurrrfect…Meow Cats love it and so should you. Catnip is Sacred to the Diety Bastet of Ancient Egypt. Catnip has some wonderful medicinal and metaphysical properties…see ┬ávideo and list below. Few Facts: Catnip has a intoxicating effect on most cats Catnip is Sacred to the Diety Bastet Catnip is related to the mint family Medicinal Facts: Mild Sedative Reduces Fever Digestive Aide Metaphysical Fact: Used in love sachets Joy and Happiness Spells  

Peppermint Magick for Stress
Herbal Magick / September 15, 2015

Stress from work or over using your eyes on a computer can make you grumpy and out comes the bitch goddess. LOL To keep the Bitch Goddess away here are several herbs that may be used in substitution of peppermint in you bean bag eye pillow. You can use orange, lemon and lavender as well as beans,flax, or rice may be used for the bulk of the bag. When your bag is done you can Pe -Takayu   Silk Material Preparation Step 1 Fold the silk material in half with the insides facing out, creating a 4-by-8 inch rectangle. Pin together the two sides of material along the long raw edge and one of the shorter raw edges. Step 2 Measure 1/4-inch from the end of the material on the pinned sides, and sew the two pinned sides together using either the sewing machine or needle and thread. Step 3 Turn the bag right side out, and smooth the corners. Iron the bag flat if desired, and leave the unfinished edge open for the time being. Muslin Material Preparation Step 1 Create another 4-by-8 inch rectangle by folding the muslin material in half. Pin the two long raw sides together,…

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