9 Tools Every Witch Should Have
Metaphysics / September 8, 2015

Welcome to the world of Magick. The reality is all those fairy tails and magickal shows you love so much were crafted from you. You know Harry Potter, Charmed etc.. These are bits and pieces of our magic that has been made into a fantasy world. While everyone was enjoying the fantasy you were Sleeping Beauty and many are still sleeping. Guess what, the dream is over and now is time to pick back up your Witches tools and get back practicing your Magick aka Metaphysics. They would love for you to believe that your ancient ancestors weren’t practicing Magick but the Ancient Egyptians to West African Yoruba to Native Americans as well as Asian cultures were all practicing forms of Witchcraft which is a metaphysical science based on organic and unseen energy. So if you just can’t figure out why you can’t find balance in today’s world it’s probably because you are neglecting your ancient ways….. Here are a few tools to get you started…IF YOU ARE READY…. 9 TOOLS EVERY WITCH SHOULD HAVE 1-Book Of Shadows 2-Set of Crystals 3-Herb Collection 4-Ritual Garb 5-Chalice 6-Wand or Athame 7-Caldron 8-Candles 9-Oils or Incense I know some women do not…

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