Are you a Goddess or Egotists?
Metaphysics / September 3, 2015

Wounded Goddesshood: Are you a Goddess or Egotists? Goddess,Queen,Mother Earth, Primordial Mother and many more terms like these are on the rise in the new age of the waking Goddess. However, are they really necessary? As I browse the world wide web the influx of Goddess Names is eerie and quite frightening,especially when you speak to some of the owners of the high end etherial deity like names and find a common person behind their Emerald City Gate. If we are infinite consciousness then why not just be or just do. Why is there such a need to ride on an Ego trip? It reminds me of the statement “real bad boys move in silence” Clearly if you don’t get that statement you will probably get lost in this paragraph. If someone has to constantly express themselves or represent themselves as a Goddess or Queen or other such names this implies to me either a sense of over compensation for a deflated ego, an actual inflated ego, or an unfulfilled sense of self that yearns for glory and self actualization. Overcompensating Goddess= wounded + knowledge We all know her, you can’t get in a word edgewise, just as soon as…

Is the Pentagram Evil?
Metaphysics / September 1, 2015

  The pentagram is a symbol of Goddess and underground womb. Penta=5 green pentacle Female Energy, which is represented in the physical plan as centripetal forces: meaning forces that pull.I Pulling energy Vagina goes inward Attract desires In contrast Male Energy is represented in the physical plan as centrifugal forces: meaning forces that push: go outward. The God symbol would be the Six-pointed star. Pushing energy Penis goes out Acts on Desires Purpose- The purpose of the pentagram in its upright position is to attract certain energies to you. It increases the creation powers in females and adds a feminine aspect to males who wish to utilize centripetal forces. Being that certain mysteries or her stories have been hidden from us the pentagram has developed a negative connotation especially when inverted it is associated with devil worship and the likes. However, the pentagram is an ancient symbol of the goddess and her ability to pull in and utilize the energy of her surrounds. For More Takayu on YouTube Click Below:

5 Aspects of the Goddess Self
Metaphysics / August 31, 2015

Religion,Philosophy,Science…What does it all matter if you don’t get back in tune with your goddess self. A lot of people get caught up in the word goddess or god but from my perspective it merely means aligning with your true nature and essence which is godlike and or of a god quality. However you want to put it the idea still remains we are a creation that has creative abilities. Tapping into and cultivation of your nature is imperative in order to reach your full potential. I am a firm believer that all you need is with you at the moment of birth. All the information you need is literally in you already. Just little packets of DNA just waiting to go off and awaken you to YOU. That seems very ironic in and of itself but this is the realization that I have come to after following may ideologies and seeing the fallacy in them. I realized that no one knows whats better for me but me. I only have to get out of my own way and feel and listen to my own messages. Then as you hear her quiet voice becoming you to become what you already…

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