Who Controls Your Money Energy?
SMS Updates / October 5, 2015

  Hey Sacred Sisters…Its past time to regroup and come together spiritually and economically…I have been listening to Powernomics by Dr Claud Anderson and it is disturbing me how we give away our money and are making other races richer off of our energy. Basically every other race of people has benefited from our energy and talents…We are victims of energy vampirism. So I have a few ideas on how we can take a few steps in the right direction of gaining back some control of our money. Join the Group Metaphysics & Money to see how. SACRED METAPHYSICAL SISTERS Sacred Metaphysical Sisters is a safe haven to rebirth your ancient magick. We have been an online presence since 2007.The vision of SMS is based on realigning our feminine goddess energy with divine purpose. We do this by re-awaking the sleeping goddess within and utilizing her powerful energy for conscious elevation. I am happy you chose to become part of this dynamic sacred sisterhood online sorority. Sisterlove2u -Takayu Scribe of the Sacred Phoenix

Are African Traditions in Opposition to the New Age
Metaphysics / September 2, 2015

I am a decendant of Post Ancient Egyptian Empires as well as Pre Slavery Religions being raised in a Eurocentric culture that hasen’t quite found a comfortable dwelling for me. So what do I do? Where do I turn and how do I balance all of this chaos of ancient cultures and modern times? I do what anyone would do who is drowning in a cultural sea of chaos. Grab the first things that feels sturdy and helps me to keep my head above water. I found that in metaphysics(elemental wicca) and african religions,some,would say that is a parodox. One can not be religious and metaphysical at the same time…Well I have to disagree. Religion is a organized system of beliefs practiced by a certian groups,cultures or regions. You could decide today that you are going to worship a “Rock” and gain 1000 followers and thus you have formulated a Religion. So I am saying this to point out that ALL Religions utilize metaphysics simply by believing that somthing beyond them can help,heal or direct them to their goals,dreams or greater spiritual awareness. Metaphysics is broken down into Meta=Beyond and Physics=Physical..basically beyond the physical realm. You may say well a…

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