Waning Moon Releasing Spell
Metaphysics / August 19, 2017

The moon is still waning and a great time to release all that burdens your. (Can be used before any New Moon) What do I need? A Piece of Paper A Pencil or Pen 24hr glass white candle alter or table made sacred & cauldron What do I do? Cleanse the area with sage or frank and myrrh place the candle on the table next to the caldroun visualize all the things that burden you and all the things that hold you backwrite them on the paper Take a deep breath and light the paper placing it in the caldron to burn Allow it to burn completely adding a little more fire if needed with an incense stick Meditate on the release of the negative energy with the smoke (do outside or open windows) Recite the below Spell When the Smoke clears light your candle and let burn till New Moon Recite the below Spell as needed Notes: your can anoint the candle before hand with oils see book above make sure to use fire precaustions bury the ashes outside and recite again when complete    

3 Ways Wise Woman Can Combat The Lonely Road
Metaphysics / May 15, 2017

  Greetings Sacred Sisters, I had a heart breaking experience today. I had to make the decision to block my cousin. We were not extremely close but I was trying to build a family bond, because she recently came back into my life. However upon realizing she just came around because she needed money and help was very heartbreaking. I don’t have much family left that I connect with and neither does she, so I thought we could hang tight as family. Boy was I wrong. I even discovered she is a Covert Narcissist which I absolutely can’t deal with because my mom is already a Narcissists and this brings back so much childhood trauma. So today was the last day we spoke and I blocked her number. (More on Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers) I felt bad at first but I realized the path of the Wise Woman can become lonely because your energy is meant to be sacred and protected. The more you evolve the less patience with fuckery you can tolerate. Here are 3 ways to combat the lonely days. Keep in contact with those family and friends who uplift you and bring good vibes Share your time…

Do African American Women have the ability to Reclaim Their Birth Right?
Metaphysics / October 11, 2015

On the brink of the 21st Century there is a new awareness in black woman. Or should I say an old awareness that is once again emerging to the surface. She is getting and has been receiving ancient urges, messages and cues from her ancient ancestral mothers. She is the remnants of an old ancient matriarchy that was stolen, lost and buried deep…real real deep. So deep that it is almost like a figment of her imagination. Actually all of creation is a figment of her imagination isn’t it? You be the judge as you read ” The Sibyls” The First Prophetess’ of Mami (Wata) by Mama Zogbe, in this inspirationally, captivating and eye opening historical account of how the African American woman”s ancient herstory has been burried. So does she have the ability to claim her birth right?   Recap of Takayu Temple Book Club 2 Session 1 6/4/15 @ 9pm EST Takayu : Spiritual experiences or research how have you discovered your matriarchal blood ties? Recap of Answers: Most women have had an urging since a young age but couldn’t quite put their fingers on their, dreams ,visions, strong sexual urges, or just a gut feeling that there…

9 Tools Every Witch Should Have
Metaphysics / September 8, 2015

Welcome to the world of Magick. The reality is all those fairy tails and magickal shows you love so much were crafted from you. You know Harry Potter, Charmed etc.. These are bits and pieces of our magic that has been made into a fantasy world. While everyone was enjoying the fantasy you were Sleeping Beauty and many are still sleeping. Guess what, the dream is over and now is time to pick back up your Witches tools and get back practicing your Magick aka Metaphysics. They would love for you to believe that your ancient ancestors weren’t practicing Magick but the Ancient Egyptians to West African Yoruba to Native Americans as well as Asian cultures were all practicing forms of Witchcraft which is a metaphysical science based on organic and unseen energy. So if you just can’t figure out why you can’t find balance in today’s world it’s probably because you are neglecting your ancient ways….. Here are a few tools to get you started…IF YOU ARE READY…. 9 TOOLS EVERY WITCH SHOULD HAVE 1-Book Of Shadows 2-Set of Crystals 3-Herb Collection 4-Ritual Garb 5-Chalice 6-Wand or Athame 7-Caldron 8-Candles 9-Oils or Incense I know some women do not…

Are you a Goddess or Egotists?
Metaphysics / September 3, 2015

Wounded Goddesshood: Are you a Goddess or Egotists? Goddess,Queen,Mother Earth, Primordial Mother and many more terms like these are on the rise in the new age of the waking Goddess. However, are they really necessary? As I browse the world wide web the influx of Goddess Names is eerie and quite frightening,especially when you speak to some of the owners of the high end etherial deity like names and find a common person behind their Emerald City Gate. If we are infinite consciousness then why not just be or just do. Why is there such a need to ride on an Ego trip? It reminds me of the statement “real bad boys move in silence” Clearly if you don’t get that statement you will probably get lost in this paragraph. If someone has to constantly express themselves or represent themselves as a Goddess or Queen or other such names this implies to me either a sense of over compensation for a deflated ego, an actual inflated ego, or an unfulfilled sense of self that yearns for glory and self actualization. Overcompensating Goddess= wounded + knowledge We all know her, you can’t get in a word edgewise, just as soon as…

Quiz: Uh Oh! Am I a Witch?
Metaphysics / September 3, 2015

Uh Oh I Think I am a Witch! : 10 Sure Ways to Know if You are a Witch Do you you find yourself being obsessively drawn to loose herbs and crystals? Do you get excited about old used jars and thrift shops? Well you just may be a natural born Witch. No not an imaginary old white woman with a crooked nose flying on a broom but a wise women reborn of the bloodline of wise women..an old soul…a shaman..a oracle…soothsayer..and I can go on but nonetheless a powerful woman sitting on her Magick. If you answer yes to the majority of these questions, it is time to come out of your broom closets!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~10 Sure Ways to Know if You are a Witch~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~QUIZ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1- Do you seek meaning in some of the most mundane details? (Ex:this is the second or third time I have seen that bird let me look up its meaning,it must be a message.) 2- Do you love plants,collect herbs,or fantasize about being a Master Herbalists? 3- Do you get excited about going to thrift shops or yard sales because you are amazed about what you can find there? 4- Do you have…

Are African Traditions in Opposition to the New Age
Metaphysics / September 2, 2015

I am a decendant of Post Ancient Egyptian Empires as well as Pre Slavery Religions being raised in a Eurocentric culture that hasen’t quite found a comfortable dwelling for me. So what do I do? Where do I turn and how do I balance all of this chaos of ancient cultures and modern times? I do what anyone would do who is drowning in a cultural sea of chaos. Grab the first things that feels sturdy and helps me to keep my head above water. I found that in metaphysics(elemental wicca) and african religions,some,would say that is a parodox. One can not be religious and metaphysical at the same time…Well I have to disagree. Religion is a organized system of beliefs practiced by a certian groups,cultures or regions. You could decide today that you are going to worship a “Rock” and gain 1000 followers and thus you have formulated a Religion. So I am saying this to point out that ALL Religions utilize metaphysics simply by believing that somthing beyond them can help,heal or direct them to their goals,dreams or greater spiritual awareness. Metaphysics is broken down into Meta=Beyond and Physics=Physical..basically beyond the physical realm. You may say well a…

Common Myths and Magick
Metaphysics / September 2, 2015

According to answer.com: “The art that purports to control or forecast natural events, effects, or forces by invoking the supernatural. The practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature.” This is a good working definition of Magick. In relation to Metaphysics I would say the term magick would be the verb and Metaphysics would be the noun. Metaphysics is the science that deals with the energy that is used to create magick in ones life. When dealing in magick there are universal laws that one must keep into consideration. We see these laws come into play as commandments in the Bible, The Laws of Maat , and the Wiccan favorite law “Harm None” Not saying every single attempt to write a universal law in 100% correct but they all basically have a few things in common. What you give is what you get a basic underlying energy of karma. Karma is the think that should be kept in mind when dealing in metaphysics because this is how the universe works. In saying this words and intentions must be carfully thought out. Magick or Myth MYTH! Spells are something a old…

Is the Pentagram Evil?
Metaphysics / September 1, 2015

  The pentagram is a symbol of Goddess and underground womb. Penta=5 green pentacle Female Energy, which is represented in the physical plan as centripetal forces: meaning forces that pull.I Pulling energy Vagina goes inward Attract desires In contrast Male Energy is represented in the physical plan as centrifugal forces: meaning forces that push: go outward. The God symbol would be the Six-pointed star. Pushing energy Penis goes out Acts on Desires Purpose- The purpose of the pentagram in its upright position is to attract certain energies to you. It increases the creation powers in females and adds a feminine aspect to males who wish to utilize centripetal forces. Being that certain mysteries or her stories have been hidden from us the pentagram has developed a negative connotation especially when inverted it is associated with devil worship and the likes. However, the pentagram is an ancient symbol of the goddess and her ability to pull in and utilize the energy of her surrounds. For More Takayu on YouTube Click Below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSLC165K4p48RP2w3zcdBTg

6 Types of Goddess Energy
Metaphysics / September 1, 2015

  At some time in your childhood one or more of theses goddess energies emerged only to be suppressed because her energies are way too powerful to control so it is feared and denied by a patriarchal society which often times demonizes her. The only aspect of the goddess that is encouraged is the Mother goddess through the domestic woman and the Sex Goddess thru the media and entertainment. We possess aspects of all to some degree however, we do lean more in one or two more heavily. If you notice all Goddess Aspects have an underlying aspect of healing and brings about some form of nurture to an individual or a group. Believe it or not you can morph yourself into multiple energies as myself being a Number 22 in numerology I found it difficult to live out my life purpose in just one aspect so I created a goddess for each different hat I wore. Mother Goddess-This is the energy that mothers everything it comes in contact with. She nurtures by nature and loves to help others to feel wanted. This is the woman that feeds every child in the neighborhood and always lends an ear to the…

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